with Alibi Studio
Dark Heart: Love in the Light

In the overly lit and frenzied space of Times Square, Dark Heart is a moment of calm and peace dedicated to the celebration of attentive heartfelt love. A silhouetted heart inundated by lights and color from its surroundings, Dark Heart is an elegant stacked wooden structure that utilizes its tectonics and the absence of light to create powerful visual and spatial effects, absorbing and complimenting its site. Movement around and within the twisting stacked filigree beautifully breaks up the surroundings into glimpses of light cut at an angle, while simultaneously from different vantage points Dark Heart solidifies and dissolves, offering an urban sanctuary to celebrate all kinds of love. Embedded in the city, Dark Heart glows with long sweeping linear red pulses activated by proximity sensors as well as attention from long-distance visitors online, encouraging everyone to focus on their heart and the people they are with.

Renderings for: Times Square Valentine Project, 2015

Project Team:  Catie Newell / Patrick Ethen