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I'm a light artist and designer exploring the intersection of technology and humanity, the relation between analog and digital systems, and the mechanisms of mesmerization. I use light to represent levels of actuation, and simple rules to generate emergent behavior. The result is a stream of continuously new pattern and textural information within a consistent data structure. I make physical objects because I value real world experiences, real phenomena. Receiving light is a visceral experience which is able to impact us emotionally, and my aim is to pull on these strings.

I'm particularly inspired by the samizdat from Infinite Jest, by our biological constraints, by DNA replication, EMDR machines, and evolution. For the past year and a half I've been a resident with Texture Detroit, designing stages and dance environments for the underground music community. All electronics are wired by hand in Detroit, Michigan.


Thank you, <3 Patrick Ethen
BS Architecture University of Michigan, 2012