is a shimmering, floating, site-specific installation that takes inspiration from the conditions of light and darkness present in the basement of the previously abandoned and unused 2 Fulton Street site. Participants enter into 'Apparition' through a dark corridor in the basement of the venue. As the eyes adjust to darkness, they discern strands of light floating in space. Swaying, flickering and shifting gently in the darkness, the light offers an eerie, ethereal presence to the space. In designing the project, we aimed to elicit a momentary, altered, heightened awareness of the presence of light in the basement space. To achieve this goal, we created beams of light and suspended material that captures the light, appearing to glow in the dark space. The process included hanging over 10,000 yards of fishing line, and many football fields in length of elastic.

hosted by: SiTE:LAB @ ArtPrize 2011
Voted Top 25 in Heartside District

materials: Nylon string / Fishing line / White projected light

team:  Meghan Grubb / Patrick Ethen